Trip Report – 21-22 May 2022 -Rivière du Sourd

(In progress)

Trip down the Rivière du Sourd in the Réserve Faunique Papineau-Labelle (north of Ottawa on the Québec side) May 21st and 22nd 2022. We ran this river a couple times before in early spring when there is enough water, not sure how the conditions are later in the season.

Unfortunately I was not able to join the crew for this trip, not yet having clearance from my hip replacement a few months earlier. I did send a couple cameras to record the runs though!

First challenge, small ledge/drop, Mark up front with Marty B in the back, then a view of Guillaume and Seb and finally Sam & MAS

First person view of the last run on this one, almost tipped with Sam up front with MAS at the rear (helmet cam)

A few series of small RII rapids around Km 36, Mark in front (helmet cam) and Marty B in the back.

RII-RIII at the 37km mark, filmed from shore with Guillaume up front and Seb at the rear. Taken in 2 shots as they were one of the first to attempt. I like Guillaume’s confident hold for the turn instead of a mad scramble.

RII-RIII at the 37km mark, filmed from shore with Sam up front and MAS at the rear, we can only assume they went sideways for a bit just for show ;).

RII-RIII at the 37km mark, filmed from shore. Nice run from the Gibersons (with their new 17ft Esquif Prospector) although they really smacked that rock head-on and hard. Good recovery afterwards to finish it up though!

Nice sequence here on the RII-RIII at Km 37, with Mark in front and Marty B at the rear. Camera view from Mark’s helmet (Original GoPro).

Same as above but using Marty B’s viewpoint (start this one when the previous one is about 9 seconds in). In this one you see the entire rapid which is more interesting then what you see when filmed from shore!

Good sequence of rapids with Mark up front and Marty B (Helmet cam) at the rear. Enough water on those drops to practically swamp the canoe.

Unfortunately the camera was pointing up too much on this one, so you only get some glimpses of what’s happening (although you can hear the calls!). This one ends in a bail at about the 28second mark with Sam up front and MAS at the rear (helmet cam).

Fairly intense rapid here with Mark in front (helmet cam) and MAS at the rear

Nice quick one with good water, Mark in front (helmet cam) and MAS at the rear

July 9th – I have 2 more videos to put together and add and may try and do a compilation afterwards.


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