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Collection of how-to’s guides and other potentially helpful material related to camping, canoeing, hiking and other general items such as how to clear your driveway from snow!

  • Emporia Vue 2 Energy Monitor
    As I was switching my house heating to a dual-fuel system (replacing an old AC with a heat-pump and keeping my existing natural gas furnace), I figured it would be a good idea to add an energy monitor to see how much power I was actually using. After shopping around a bit and confirming a … Read more
  • A closer look at the Nest thermostat
    I have been using a Nest in my home for several years and always wondered why certain seemingly simple features are not available. Recently, I decided to take a look at the API to see if I could make them work myself! Update April 3rd 2023 – Added a bit more information on temperature stability … Read more
  • How to make the best bachelor party
    Our group of friends makes the best bachelor parties. Yes, yes some have your typical gentleman’s club aspect but most are much more and quite memorable! Here’s how we do it. Some Basic Rules (I take no credit for them) Bachelor Party is for the friends not the bachelor Both the bachelor & future partner … Read more
  • Snow shovelling physics
    Writing the how-to shovel article recently got me thinking can we actually quantify that the method is more efficient? After thinking about it a little bit, with some assumptions I think yes! Disclaimer – I just had a baby (3rd) and recovering from surgery so heavily sleep deprived, there may be mistakes here! Please point … Read more
  • How to shovel snow and clean your driveway
    3-step process how to plow snow from your driveway with a shovel and clear it of snow efficiently (with video!). Don’t break your back, do it smart! If you want some info why you can look at the article on snow shoveling physics here Background I live in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and we get a … Read more


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