List of Goalie Drills

Every goalie, coach or parent is always seeking goalie-specific drills to improve goaltender skill and abilities. This table features a list of goalie drills available on the website, the drill type and shooter requirement. There are a variety of different drills, with and without pucks, suitable for practice and/or warmups. All these drills are to practice on-ice with full goalie equipment. Please leave a comment if you have any questions/suggestions or would like additions.

Goalie-specific DrillDrill Type (skills worked)Shooter requirement
Position Recovery regaining positionYes – 1
Screen ShotScreenYes – 2
Low Glove Blockershot blockingYes – 1
Shuffle random shot Reaction time, positioning, mobilityYes – 1
Freeze PucksReaction time, protect puckNo
Wrap around + Walk inPositioningYes – 1
poke check one timer passPoke check, desperation save, puck handlingYes – 3
Cone to cone skatingSkating / MobilityNo
Basic SkatingSkatingNo
One Timerbutterfly slide w/ one-timerYes – 4
Stopping the puck behind the netPuck Handling, regaining positionYes – 2
Shuffle Shot BreakawayMobility, shot blocking, breakawayYes – 4
The Desperation saveHybride slide & Desperation saveYes – 3
Butterfly slideButterfly slide w/ one timerYes – 3
One timer and butterfly slideOne timer & butterfly slideYes – 3
Warmup – All Players shootWarmup / mobilityYes – Team
Hybrid Slide & Stopping puck behind netHybrid slide & stopping puckYes – 4
Static Shot Redirectrebound controlYes – 1
Puck ClearingPuck handlingOptional
Rebound ClearingMobility and enduranceOptional
Skating in the CircleSkatingno
The TriangleSkating, Warmupno
The BoxSkating, Warmupno
Across the CreaseSkating, Warmupno


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