List of ice Hockey Goalie Drills

Every goalie, coach or parent is always seeking goalie-specific hockey drills to improve goaltender skill and abilities. This table features goalie drills I have learned over the years through playing ice hockey competitively and being a goalie coach. For ease of use, we included the drill type (ie what goalie skill is being worked on) and shooter requirement (ie does the drill need one or more shooters). There are a variety of different drills, with and without pucks, suitable for practice and/or warmups. All these drills are to practice on-ice with full goalie equipment. Although they are intended for ice hockey, most of these can translate to roller hockey as well. Please leave a comment if you have any questions/suggestions or would like additions.

Goalie-specific DrillDrill Type (skills worked)Shooter requirement
Position Recovery regaining positionYes – 1
Screen ShotScreenYes – 2
Low Glove Blockershot blockingYes – 1
Shuffle random shot Reaction time, positioning, mobilityYes – 1
Freeze PucksReaction time, protect puckNo
Wrap around + Walk inPositioningYes – 1
poke check one timer passPoke check, desperation save, puck handlingYes – 3
Cone to cone skatingSkating / MobilityNo
Basic SkatingSkatingNo
One Timerbutterfly slide w/ one-timerYes – 4
Stopping the puck behind the netPuck Handling, regaining positionYes – 2
Shuffle Shot BreakawayMobility, shot blocking, breakawayYes – 4
The Desperation saveHybride slide & Desperation saveYes – 3
Butterfly slideButterfly slide w/ one timerYes – 3
One timer and butterfly slideOne timer & butterfly slideYes – 3
Warmup – All Players shootWarmup / mobilityYes – Team
Hybrid Slide & Stopping puck behind netHybrid slide & stopping puckYes – 4
Static Shot Redirectrebound controlYes – 1
Puck ClearingPuck handlingOptional
Rebound ClearingMobility and enduranceOptional
Skating in the CircleSkatingno
The TriangleSkating, Warmupno
The BoxSkating, Warmupno
Across the CreaseSkating, Warmupno


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