Why the name Sunshine Productions?

So where the heck does the name sunshine productions come from?

Well, as with many things, there’s a story behind it. It all starts in 2010. Out on one of those great canoe camping trips, one of the first ones for me really. We’re all sitting around the campfire enjoying a meal and for some reason (it was daylight), I’m wearing my headlamp. But, like an idiot, my headlamp was not pointing at the ground like usual, I had put it on backwards and pointed it up at the sky (it was off). Why I did that, no idea, perhaps I just put it on quickly in a daze, confused, sleep deprived? In either case it was on my head, in daylight pointing up at the sky.

So clearly one of the other members on this trip sees me looking like a complete idiot, points out my mistake and theorises that I’m trying to signal the sun to come out (maybe it was cloudy?). Everyone had a good laugh, and some started calling me sunshine. And then… the song started. Every single song you can think of that has “sun”, “sunny” or “sunshine” in it (in french or english) was sung but replacing the sun-word with my name. This kept going for the entire trip, the drive back home… and then subsenquent parties.

So from time to time I get greeted with “Hey sunshine!” so hey, why not. Sunshine productions, it works!







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