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  • Sept 15th 2022 Update

    Haven’t posted in a little while so just wanted to provide an update. We’ve been able to tackled a good number of trip reports so far with still quite a few pending. It takes a while for some of these which have thousands of photos (some of which the timestamp/day is wrong) and then sort…

  • Work in progress

    It’s been a while, expired but we need somewhere to put our photos and remember all those crazy trips/events. So will work on this slowly but surely.

  • Why the name Sunshine Productions?

    So where the heck does the name sunshine productions come from? Well, as with many things, there’s a story behind it. It all starts in 2010. Out on one of those great canoe camping trips, one of the first ones for me really. We’re all sitting around the campfire enjoying a meal and for some…