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This drill is intended to practice 2v2 situations for both offense and defense. It is also a good conditioning drill for defensemen.

Have the forwards line up in each corner at one end of the rink. Pucks should be placed in one corner as well as in the neutral zone on the opposite side of the ice near the boards. Defencemen should be placed at each of the faceoff dots near the blue lines. The remainder should be in the neutral zone, with the coaches (near the pucks, position X1 on the diagram). 

Two forwards skate towards the red line. A coach (or an extra defencemen) passes the puck to one of the forwards. D1 and D2 follow F1 and F2 respectively. The forward then cross to opposite sides of the ice and begin the 2v2 scenario. (The defencemen also cross to stay with their man).

Once the two first forwards have finished the 2v2 by either scoring a goal or having the puck frozen/out of play, they curl, receive a pass from one of the other forwards and go for a 2v2 at the opposite end of the rink. The defencemen move back outside the blue line in order to be ready for the next 2v2.

After having passed the puck to the first set of forwards, the second set begin the drill.  Continue until all forwards have completed the drill.

Note: Ensure the forwards and defencement conduct the 2v2 scenario according to established team strategy. You can optionally assign extra conditionning (pushups/sprints) should forwards be off-side during the drill. 

animation of ice hockey drill 2 forwards vs 2 defencemen game scenario
animation of ice hockey drill 2 forwards vs 2 defencemen game scenario



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