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This drill is intended to practise positioning for wrap arounds or walk-ins from behind the net. The goaltender will have to be in the proper position to stop the wrap around while being able to move and properly stop a walk in.

The shooter starts behind the net with a puck. The goaltender should be on his post in the correct position. The shooter then skates towards the net for either a wrap around (immediately attempting to put the puck in the net) or walks in (skates to the front of the net and takes a shot). 

When in this scenario, the goalie should have his pad vertically against the post with the far pad horizontally along the ice. Optionally, the paddle of the stick can be along the ice. If the player walks in, the goaltender can push off from the post to a half-butterfly position and intercept the player or stop the shot.

animation of ice hockey goalie drill - wrap around walk in
animation of ice hockey goalie drill – wrap around walk in


  • When the goaltender is able to perform the drill, you may add another shooter in the slot. The first shooter now also has the option of making a pass for a one-timer.

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