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This drill helps goaltenders practice stopping one-timers with the pass coming from the corner of the defensive zone.

A shooter starts in the corner with a puck, the goaltender is alongside his post. A shooter placed on the opposite side of the ice moves around (so the goaltender does not know where he is positionned). The shooter with the puck then passes to the other for a one-timer. The goaltender pushes off his post and butterfly slides to save the puck. 

Note: The butterfly slide is used as most shots from one-timers will be low. The goaltender will already be in position to cover the lower portion of the net and will have some time to react to stop the puck.

animation of ice hockey goalie drill - one-timer
animation of ice hockey goalie drill – one-timer


  • You may have the shooters behind the net pass to eachother before making a pass for the one-timer
  • If the goaltender is cheating by leaving his post before the pass is made, allow the shooter in the corner to come closer and shoot on the net instead of passing should he see an opening.

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