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This drill will help the goalie improve his puck handling and judgement skills in situations where he must clear the puck out of the zone. 

Place multiple pucks in the zone. The goalie starts in his net and must skate as fast as possible and shoot the puck out of the zone (either directly or by using the glass/boards). He then skates back to his net  while maintaining eye contact with the cleared puck. The drill is then repeated this for each puck placed in the zone.

animation of ice hockey goalie drill - puck clearing
animation of ice hockey goalie drill – puck clearing


  • Add a foward (or multiple forwards) that attempt to get the puck and score (starting from the neutral zone). The goalie must then judge if he can reach the puck and safely clear it or stay in his net.
  • Instead of using static pucks, shoot a puck (slowly) into the zone with an attacker already at full speed. This will simulate a more realistic scenario where a puck was cleared from the other end of the rink. 

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