The Horseshoe drill – Hockey Resource

This drill is very simple and most often used pre-game to warm up the players and goaltender. It features some skating, passing and shooting.

Players are evenly divided in both corners at one end of the ice surface. A player starts from his corner and skates around the faceoff circle located just outside the blue line. A player from the opposite corner passes a puck to the first player and then begins to skate. The player receiving the pass takes a shot on net and lines up in the opposite corner from where he started. 

animation of ice hockey horseshoe drill
Animation of Ice hockey horseshoe drill


  • Have the players shoot when they get to a certain point (blue line, hashmarks or ringette line)
  • Force the players to only use a certain type of shot (wrist, snap or slapshot)
  • Have the players take a one-timer from the pass

(Slapshots or one-timers are not recommended if this is used as a warm-up drill, the goaltender may not be warmed up enough at this point)






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