Book Notes – Gung Ho! – Blanchard

Getting everyone onboard working together brings motivation and results

  • Spirit of the squirrel
    • Impact of work on the world
    • Everyone working together towards same goal buy-in and commitment
    • Goals change values do not
  • Way of the beaver
    • Clarity of responsibilities, goals and values without interference from leaders how to get there
    • People are valued, reduce micromanagement, share information
    • Challenge people to achieve to their capacity, not less demanding their best allows to move into new territory
  • Gift of the Goose
    • Congratulations both active and passive should be TRUE (Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic)
    • Cheer progress towards goals, share KPIs, find those who are doing things correctly
    • Cheering on brings enthusiasm, being in control of achieving a goal





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