Trip Report – Frontenac October 2-4 2009

This was a short camping weekend in Frontenac Provincial park near Kingston Ontario. Frontenac is a very nice park for hikes with interesting hydrology. It is always very interesting when you “hike up” to a lake.

On this particular trip, we were picking up one of our friends at a nearby train station as he took a train from Montreal to hike with us. Unfortunately the train was late at night, it was rainy, dark and we hadn’t been to this park before (or very often). When we arrived, we basically looked around to find the closest spot we could set our tents.

Unfortunately, we did not notice exactly where we were and ends up we pitched our tents before the actual trail head. A quick breakfast, getting a bit of rain off the equipment and re-packing, got our bearings and we were off to our proper campsite for the night.

We had a great day of hiking, nice sunny day in contrast to our arrival the night before, it was even rather warm for the season. We ate our lunch on a rocky formation next to a lake and just layed in the sun for a good while watching birds overhead.

We then set out for our campsite, and found a small snake on the way!

When we got to our site, we set up our tent, a good campfire. We had a rediculous meal of steak, potatoes and broccoli and even took the time to bake an angel cake :).

The next morning we packed our things, ate breakfast and set back out on the trail to complete our loop and return to the parking.

Great little weekend outing with good friends. A good recharge for this time of year!

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