Book Notes – Unstoppable Teams – Mills

Unstoppable Teams - book by Alden Mills
Unstoppable Teams – book by Alden Mills

C.A.R.E loop -> Connect, Achieve, Respect, Empower

Platform (You)

  • Take charge of the conversations between head and heart, many give up without trying or when faced with adversity. What is your goals/dreams, how much do you want it, is it worth the sacrifices/risks?
  • Where you put your focus will determine your actions
  • Keep your focus when others tell you it’s not possible & inspire others to do the same
  • We can control our focus, our feelings and what we do (act)
  • Brains programmed to self-preservation, energy conservation, influence by chemicals (sleep, nutrition, exercise)
  • Outcomes account -> negatives and positives of goal 1. Outcomes 2. Impact, 3. Feel


  • Build teams with complementary skillsets
  • Assess via triangulation 3 people from different areas ask them “if I was going to save your life doing one thing I am best at, what would it be?” (verb not noun) see what is common in answers you get back.
  • Commitment/going all in and diverse backgrounds, beats experience
  • Traits must have 1. competence, 2. Perspective, 3. Communication, 4.Drive, 5. Humility, 6. Flexibility, 7. Selflessness


  • Success depends on ability to build human relationships
  • Most people are not engaged at work, and don’t feel cared for
  • Connection build through -> 1. Communication, 2. Credibility, 3. commitment


  • Find ways to see beyond visible and surpass limitations
  • 5 As -> Aspire, Assume, Assure, Appreciate


  • Everyone participate in the planning process, taking ownership and commit
  • 3Rs -> Realize, recognize, require


  • Environment where everyone shares what they learned and feel responsible to coach and support each other
  • Education -> Leapfrogging(informal lessons learned, updates); Externality (formal training); On the job training (approach by doing mentoring/coaching)

Activate the 10x advantage

  • Serve someone, listen to what they need and deliver it.
  • Relationships with not just the team but external relationships (two-way relationships), strive to make them succeed as well (not just clients but others as well
  • 5 phases to unstoppable team
    • Connected group
    • Directed group (focus on goals)
    • Respected team  (connection to eachother, investment)
    • Empowered (decision making to team)
    • Unstoppable! (reach outside the team with CARE loop)





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