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The T-push is a core mobility technique for a goaltender. It is a quick movement used over relatively long distances (within the crease). It is usually used to follow the puck during a pass. The goaltender must be aware that he may have to transition to a butterfly slide should the pass become a one-timer.

  1. To perform the T-Push dig your inside skate edge into the ice with the leg (outside leg) opposite to the direction of travel.
  2. Transfer all your weight to the outside leg.
  3. Turn the inside skate so it points in the direction of travel.
  4. Turn your body towards the location you want to move to.
  5. Push off with the outside leg.
  6. When you reach the required location, stop using the inside leg.
  7. Re-position your legs to square off with the puck.

As you progress, the motion will become fluid with steps 2 to 5 occurring simultaneously. Multiple goalie drills are available to perfect this technique.

A few points to note:

  • The technique is performed from the basic stance.
  • Lead with your stick!
  • Move only the legs, the upper body should not move other than the initial rotation to stay square with the puck.
  • Quick, powerful pushes, long strides. You should not need to do this technique twice to reach your destination.
  • This technique is not for small adjustments!
  • If you are T-pushing from one post to the top of the crease on the opposite side (crossing the crease completely) you can stop with the same leg that pushed off to stay squared up with the puck. In all other situations, stopping with the same leg will get you out of position.



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