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The following article will describe how to replace the cage from your goaltender helmet. This follows the previous article showing why I don’t use cateye cages.

ice hockey goalie helmet metal cage bent and new
ice hockey goalie helmet metal cage bent and new
How to replace a cage on a goalie helmet

Replacing the cage from a goaltender helmet is relatively simple. First ensure you have the correct tools: A small flathead screwdriver that you can manoeuvre inside the helmet as well as a regular flathead screwdriver.

Remove the screws holding the cage in place.

Note: If the screw seems to be turning on itself, you may have to remove the padding in your helmet to access the female part that holds the screw. Take the small flathead screwdriver to secure this female part and ensure you can remove the screw.

Once the screws are loosened, separate the cage from the helmet. Remove the metal tabs attached to the cage that were used to attach the cage to the helmet. To do this, you will have to pry these tabs open using the flathead screwdrivers. Be careful not to injure yourself or break the tabs in this process. Once the tabs are removed, align the new cage with the helmet and determine where the metal tabs should be located on the cage to align with the screw holes. Place the metal tabs on the cage and squeeze the tabs closed so they are secured on the cage. 

Finally, take the cage, place it on the helmet and join the two by placing screws through the tabs and into the holes located in the helmet. You may have to secure the female end of the screw to ensure it does not turn. Ensure the screws are all snug and that the cage is secured on the helmet!



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