List of Trip Reports


This page contains a list of trip reports which have been completed and which are still left to write. There is a lot of trips over the years, some shorter than others and a mix of canoe, camping, winter, snowshoe, hiking etc. There are litterally thousands of pictures to go through and hundreds of videos (some are already on our youtube channel without a trip report). Let us know which ones you are interested in and we can bump up the priority! Of course this list will be updated as more trips are completed :).

Completed Trip Reports

LocationTrip TypeDate/Year
Awacamenj Mino (bye Audax)Winter campingJan 2009
Adirondacks (Colden, Marcy, Algonquin)Snowshoe/Hike/ Winter CampingFeb 2009
Dumoine RiverWhitewater Canoe CampingJun 2009
Mattawa RiverCanoe CampingJul 2009
Adirondacks (Marcy, Haystack ?)Hike/CampingAug 2009
FrontenacHike/CampingOct 2009
Awacamenj MinoSnowshoe/Ski/Winter CampingJan 2010
Adirondacks (Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois)Snowshoe/Hike/ Winter CampingMar 2010
Dumoine RiverWhitewater Canoe CampingJul 2010
Coulonge RiverWhitewater Canoe CampingAug 2010
Awacamenj Mino (2x)Snowshoe/Ski/Winter CampingJan 2011
Rideau River (Naval Whaler)Rowing Camping Vintage (1850s)Jun 2011
Noire RiverWhitewater Canoe CampingJul 2011
Adirondacks (Panther)Hiking CampingNov 2011
Adirondacks (Allen, Santanoni)Snowshoe/Ski/Winter CampingFeb 2014
Raisin River Canoe RaceCanoeingApr 2015
Adirondacks (Giant, Rocky)Snowshoe/Crampons/HikeJan 2016
Adirondacks (Couchsachraga, Panther)Hike/Winter CampingMar 2016
Petite-Nation @3.3m3/sWhitewater CanoeingSep 2021
Petite-Nation @5.5m3/sWhitewater CanoeingAug 2021
Petite-Nation @28m3/sWhitewater CanoeingJul 2021
Rivière du Sourd (No Sunshine)Whitewater CanoeingMay 2022
Petite-Nation @14.2m3/sWhitewater CanoeingJul 2022
Upper Petawawa River (10m3/s)Whitewater Canoe campingSep 2022
Lower Petawawa River (9m3/s)Whitewater Canoe campingSep 2022
Green’s Creek Whitewater CanoeingApr 2023
Completed Trip Reports

Pending Trip Reports

LocationTrip TypeDate/Year
Adirondacks (Marcy)Hike2010
Adirondacks (Gothics, Upper Wolf Jaw, Lower Wolf Jaw)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2011
Bazin Riverwhite water canoe camping2011
Adirondacks (Seward, Donaldson, Emmonds)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2012
Adirondacks (Algonquin)Hike/snowshoe2012
Adirondacks (Gray, Marshall, Skylight)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2013
Mistassibi Nord-Est Riverwhite water canoe camping2013
Adirondacks ( South Dix + Flu 🙁 )Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2015
Rivière du Sourdwhite water canoe2015
Petite-Nation Riverwhite water canoe2015
Adirondacks (Hugh, Macomb, South Dix, Grace)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2016
Adirondacks (Little Haystack)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2017
Adirondacks (Haystack, Basin, Saddleback)Hike/snowshoe/winter camping2018
Rivière du Sourdwhite water canoe2023
Broken Skull & South Nahanni Rivers
( Pı̨́ı̨́p’enéh łéetǫ́ǫ́ Deé  & Tehjeh Deé )
white water canoe camping2023
Pending Trip Reports


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