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Welcome to Sunshine Productions website! I’m Sunshine (why the name?) and created this site to help and inspire others!

The main section documents our many adventures camping, snowshoeing and canoeing over the years via trip reports. Each trip report documents (with photos, videos and text) the adventure we had, stories, successes and failures. They can help in planning a trip, or if you just want to live vicariously through them. Feel free to browse the list of trip reports to read the reports that interest you (and those I haven’t documented yet). If you are interested in a particular location you can take a look at the following page. Hopefully you get inspired to head out there as well! If you have any questions please comment or ask directly!

I have been playing hockey for almost 30 years now (mostly as a goalie), many years competitively and used to run a website called the hockey resource. It had a bunch of articles and drills on hockey in general but with some focus on goalies. I decided to put them on here as reference since some of it could be real helpful to those interested! The list of goalie drills can be accessed hereThe Beginner’s corner has info about the game, rules etc. Finally there is a section with info on hockey equipment including a few buyers guides.

We have a couple side articles on home automation and and how to efficiently plow snow from your driveway and shovel it clean. I also put up a few notes I took while reading some management/leadership books in case you wanted to know if its worthwhile reading them.

Feel free to comment on the articles, ask questions or send some requests, we have social media accounts as well (instagram, YouTube, Facebook, twitter) but this is all done on off-time.

Here are our latest posts: