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Collection of notes and summaries from books along with associated subject and book rating.

Excellent books

The one minute manager builds high performance teamsBlanchardVarious stages of group formation and appropriate leadership styles. Vision essential to point group in the right direction.leadership
The on-time, on-target managerBlanchardPrioritizing the right things gives time to commit and complete them. Unless you can commit say noPrioritization
Unstoppable TeamsMillsFocus on the goal, commitment from team, build relationships, taking ownership, empower othersTeamwork, leadership
Never Split the DifferenceVossNegotiating is about creating relationships, knowing what the other is really after and adjusting expectations. Several techniques for all partsNegotiation
Radical CandorScottHow to be a fair boss both to employees and organization. Care about employees while challenging them directly to continually improve.Leadership, management
Gung Ho!BlanchardGetting everyone to buy-in, be in control of their responsibilities, challenged and acknowledged brings motivation. Motivation
Start with WhySinekPeople buy-in to why you do things, not what you are doing. Consistently use your why to inspire, motivate and check that what you do is consistent and builds trust.Motivation, inspiration, leadership
Good to GreatCollinsAnalysis of companies that had an inflection point going from good to great. What contributed to their success and common characteristics of their leadership.Management, leadership
Dare to leadBrownCollection of good and bad habits/behaviours, their source and ways to turn them around. Building emotional intelligence and healthy approaches. (vulnerability, self-awareness, courage) Leadership, emotional intelligence

Good books

How to win friends and influence people in the digital ageCarnegieBook details things people like and dislike in social interactions and how to more easily make friends.interpersonal relationships
The power of ethical managementBlanchardThere is no right way to do a wrong thing. Make sure what you do is legal, ethical and makes you feel good about yourself.Ethics
The Art of WarSun-TzuLessons from war general with some relevance to business. Avoiding war is best, logistics and training are important, striking weaknessStrategy
Weapons of Math DestructionO’NeilMany fields are fille with algorithms that make decisions which are unfair, large scale, unclear and difficult to protest. Often they use incorrect assumptions or proxies and can be self-fulfilling and biased.Bias, fairness
Braving the WildernessBrownBook about being true to ones self and belonging.relationships, belonging, emotional intelligence

OK books

Together is BetterSinekIntended to be quickly read and passed along. Teams working together can achieve more and take more risks together.Teamwork
TribesGodinTries to inspire others to lead groups of people with similar interestleadership
Changing your MindPollanBook containing experiences about psychedelics and advocating for more research into potential beneficial effects when used with therapy. Psychology?

Mediocre books

The Art of Saying NoZahariadesWhy we don’t say no, why we should and strategies to say no.Assertion

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