Book Notes – Start with Why – Sinek


Manipulation only works for so long (transactional interactions) , inspiration builds loyalty

Golden circle

Golden Circle – Simon Sinek

What – how – why

Most use what to explain what they do, but decisions are often based on “gut” – which reverberates with why.

When we believe what someone else believes (why) we feel more connected to that.

Consistently going back to why and using that to develop the how and what leads to stronger belief/trust in brand/company. The Why also brings clarity on what should and should not be done.

Using why to hire leads to teams with buy-in and motivated

Get people to believe in your why will get them on board.

You need people who know how to translate the why into how

Keep being consistent with decisions that the whats fit with your why. Advice may be good for one but not for another depending on their why. If you do something out of line with your why, even if it is good its unlikely to work, people will feel it doesn’t fit.

Over time, many companies forget their why, the why gets harder to spread as the organization grows. If leadership changes, the why may not remain clear. Getting the Why clear and to remain is critical for the company to keep going.

Things that get measured get done, are they the right things?






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