Sept 15th 2022 Update

Haven’t posted in a little while so just wanted to provide an update.

We’ve been able to tackled a good number of trip reports so far with still quite a few pending. It takes a while for some of these which have thousands of photos (some of which the timestamp/day is wrong) and then sort through some of the video as well. In short, lots of time is spend looking at photos and placing them in order before actually selecting which ones will go with the trip report.

We just recently did the upper Petawawa river and leaving tomorrow for the lower Petawawa river. Lots of footage and pictures for sure and I’m trying to take better notes to remember some of the details that were lost in the other trips. The videos will likely be uploaded to our youtube channel as I go through it (there’s 5+ hours of footage so getting the right parts will take some time)

This remains a side project (the ads don’t even come close to covering the hosting costs at this point so I’m nowhere near thinking about quitting my dayjob 😛 ) so updates will come as I have time to write and look through past trips.

As usual, let us know if there are any questions or thoughts!






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