Trip Report – 18 Sept 2021 – Petite-Nation @3.3m3/s

Another trip down the Petite-Nation after our July and August trips. This trip down was late in the season (Sept 18 2021) so the water level was quite low (3.3m/s3), we weren’t sure the river was runnable. (Gibe, Burg, Seb, Jim)

The first rapids were once again unrunnable due to a tree blocking the path but so we roped down to begin just after.

The rapid had a somewhat technical section that required a rapid S curve with not too much margin for error. We all managed to navigate it, some smoother than others.

Sunshine helmet cam (sorry I had the wrong mount 🙁 ) Burg is at the back

We decided to portage back up and re-run the rapids as this is typically the best section (and the portage trail is clear and fairly easy)

Sunshine & Burg with close call on the rocks!
Gibe & Seb doing well and then smacking the rock!

The next rapids were fairly straighforward and fun

Sunshine helmet cam – Burg at the back

Portes de l’enfer was next. After scouting the rapid, Gibe and Seb set out first navigating the first section well. However, they were in for a bit of a surprise, hidden at the edge of the haystacks after one section was a rock we had not spotted on our scouting (and essentially impossible to see when running). Thankfully we have royalex canoes 🙂

Gibe and Seb hit the hidden rock hard!
Of course Sunshine & Burg did not hit the rock

Clearly the “more skilled” canoe knew exactly how to avoid the rock due to excellent scouting (or you know, going 2nd).

Surprisingly, we didn’t have too much trouble in the more shallow section, less so than at slightly higher water level for some reason.

We dragged the canoes back up to the car, one group undid the gear while the other went to get the other car. Overall another great day on the river.

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