What if a team draws another penalty while on a 5v3? – Hockey Resource

This is an interesting question and it does happen from time to time in hockey games, especially ones where there is alot of physical play.

Essentially, the penalized player goes into the penalty box and the opponents must place another player on the ice. (3 is the minimum amount of players a team can have on the ice)

The penalty is then added to the clock but time will not start counting down until one of the other penalties is expired. The game stays at 5 on 3 until only time on only one penalty remains. (if there is a stoppage of play, the player who’s penalty time has expired can return to the bench)

For example:

  • Clock time 10:00, a 2:00 penalty (player 1) and a 5:00 penalty (player 2) are given out (5v3). At 9:00 another 2:00 penalty is given, (player 3). Player 1 has 1:00 of his penalty remaining while player 2 has 4:00 remaining. 
  • Play continues with 5v3. At 8:00 the penalty of player 1 has expired and the penalty of player 2 starts. Still 5v3, remaining penalties player 1 – 0:00, player 2- 3:00, player 3 – 2:00
  • At the next whistle, player 1 can return to the bench but the game remains 5v3 until 6:00 where player 3’s penalty is over and he can jump back on the ice. 

If a goal is scored at any time, the penalty with the least amount of time remaining (and that is counting down) is over.

If there are any subsequent penalties, they are added to the penalty “queue” and their time starts couting down when the time of one of the active penalties is expired.






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