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This drill will help the goaltender with their reaction time and using proper technique to freeze and protect the puck.

Lay out some pucks in no particular order around the crease. The goaltender starts deep in their net. The coach points to a puck which the goaltender must immediately move towards and freeze. 

Note: The puck must be covered with the glove, with the paddle of the stick along the ice placed in front of the glove in order to protect it from hacking by any opponents.

Once the puck is properly covered, the coach then points to a different puck to which the goaltender must move towards and freeze.

animation of ice hockey goalie drill - freeze random puck
animation of ice hockey goalie drill – freeze random puck

Drill variations

  • Have a skater also try and get to the puck before the goaltender can freeze it
  • Have a shooter shoot a puck and the goaltender stop it. If the puck stays close, the goaltender can freeze it. If it is redirected, or after the first puck is frozen, pick a puck nearby for the goalie to move towards and freeze.
  • Add some variations with a player walking out from behind the net to freeze the puck while the goaltender is on their post (both sides)

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