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This simple shot redirection goalie drill is extremely helpful for ice hockey goaltenders to manage rebound control. The drill helps the goaltender use correct technique and timing in order to redirect shots into the corners rather than back in the crease or on an opponent’s stick.

To set-up the drill, the goaltender starts at the top of their crease facing a shooter or coach at X1. The shooter, X1 takes a shot and the goaltender must use their stick or pads to redirect the puck into the corners and avoid rebounds.

Note: the pucks should come often and fast. Vary the direction and height of the shots (some going toward the centre, others going towards the corners of the net, some high, some low). This will force the goaltender to adapt to where the shot is heading instead of always directing it in the same corner.

animation of ice hockey goalie drill - static shot redirect
animation of ice hockey goalie drill – static shot redirect

Things to watch for:

  • Goalies may have more trouble directing shots to one side so observe where they are uncomfortable and try and focus on that side.
  • Note that the goalie should never only have the stick behind the puck, often the puck can jump or skip over the stick. A pad or glove should be behind the stick to make sure the puck does not go in the net if that happens.
  • If the puck does not go into the corner or bounces back in front, have the goalie regain control of it with their glove to freeze it or stick to put it in the corner. This should be fast since there will not be much time in a game situation. If it does happen, you can have the goalie complete 5 up-downs (butterfly and back up) after drill completion.
  • In the case of high shots, the goaltender should attempt to move their body behind the puck if possible and catch the rebound in their glove before throwing it in the corner.

Drill Variations:

  • Have the goaltender stay in the butterfly position and redirect shots using only their stick.
  • Have the goaltender start in the butterfly position and transition to a hybrid-butterfly to direct shots in the appropriate corner.
  • Use high shots only – if the shot is on the glove side the goaltender must make the save with their glove and then throw the puck towards the corner. If the shot is on the blocker side, the goaltender can either redirect it in the corner with the blocker or cover it using the glove and the blocker and then throw the puck to one of the corners.

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